Local Mission

Warner supports many organizations that work for peace, justice and to ease suffering  throughout God's world, including here in Maryland.  In addition to monetary support, Warner provides donations of material goods and spiritual encouragement. 

One of our local mission projects is the Two-Cents-A-Meal program, which has been going strong for over 20 years, with more than $50,000 distributed to food projects over a 20-year period!  Based on the Gospel story of the poor widow who contributed two small coins to help those in need, this program asks participants to contribute two cents per family member per meal to help alleviate hunger both locally and worldwide.  Every third Sunday of the month, the Two-Cents-A-Meal red wagon is wheeled to the front of the sanctuary to accept your donations.

Through the years, our discretionary 40% of this offering has gone to help many local area hunger relief programs, including
Food & Friends, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Manna Food Center, Mid-County United Ministries (MUM), Shepherd's Table and others.  Meanwhile, the remaining 60% has helped our Presbyterian denomination's Hunger Program, nationwide and overseas.

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Below are links to some of our other local mission partners where you can find more information about their programs