Haiti - Day 2

Settling In

Day 2, June 26, 2011, Pétionville, Ouest, Haiti

From Sue Bresee:
I thought I'd send a few more photos that Doug liked last night when we all reviewed the day after dinner.

http://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/Outside_St_Josephs.jpgOne is of Lena in the women's bunk room (this page's header).  You can see that St. Joseph's provided us with towels, a bar of soap, sheets, and even fans.  So far, I haven't gotten bit by mosquitoes - better than at home!  But we've also been spraying "Off" all over day and night.  That and the fans seem to be doing a great job.

One picture is the outside of the building where we're staying, looking out at the new building site and a huge cement mixer.

One is of Delmas street from the van window on the dusty and bumpy drive from the airport to St. Joseph's.  The streets were lined with a lot of activity and free enterprise -  tables set up in front of people'shttp://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/STREET_CEMENT_TRUCK.jpg houses selling a variety of items, women carrying huge baskets on their heads and walking along with graceful swaying strides, people shoveling rock piles, wheelbarrows....

One is of St. Joseph's bright and open kitchen (in scrapbook).

One is of the abandoned St. Joseph's gateway that used to be the entrance to the old building, which has been torn down and is now being rebuilt (in scrapbook).

http://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/NEW_BUILDING_REINFORCEMENT.jpgAnother is the new building reinforcements.  The architect working with St. Joseph's didn't lose a single one of "his" buildings during the earthquake.  You can see the quantity of rebar in the four columns and the net of metal bars in the floors.  Cement will be poured on Monday for the floor in the photo.  They also are using rebar through the concrete blocks in the walls.

Steve, Doug, and I are talking with Michael, drinking dark Haitian coffee, waiting for breakfast at 7:30 (8:30 your time).  Lena is jogging up Delmas toward the mountain at the end of the street.  It's sunny and already hot.  The roosters were crowing early this morning, although I didn't hear other birds.

I didn't get any new photos this morning. We worked from about 10:30 until after 1:00 moving a huge pile of rocks. It's raining and thundering at the moment, but we'll get back at it around 3:00 I think.

Happy Sunday!

Warner Team